Massachusetts Institute of Technology September 2020 - May 2021

MicroMasters in Data Science & Statistics

TU Delft August 2020 - December 2020

Professional Certificate, Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet


Quantum & AI Research Intern October 2020 - December 2020


Working with the IBM Quantum Research Team on Error Mitigation techniques with Machine Learning that can be integrated into the Qiskit Transpiler. Also exploring variations of QVE and QAOA.

Qiskit Docs Translator August 2020 - Present

IBM India

Official Translator of the IBM Qiskit Docs for the Hindi Language(National Language of India).

JUNIOR RESEARCHER CIRQUIT QUANTUM RESEARCH Worked on Quantum Machine Learning Research Projects that include QSVMs and Hessian based Loss Landscape analysis to avoid Barren Plateaus.

August 2020 - September 2020 FOUNDER & COMMUNITY MANAGER QPOWER QUANTUM COMMUNITY QPower is a community of like minded Quantum enthusiasts that was formed under the Microsoft Student Partner program to promote open source culture and research among students. As a Community Manager, I am responsible for organizing and managing QPower’s various open source programs and events. I am also responsible for planning and implementing strategies for new projects and collaborations.

November 2019 - Present SDE INTERN CITRIOT Improved model accuracy of Face Recognition Project’s model by 63% by customizing the TensorFlow API. Designed Backend software using Python-Flask and deployed it on an embedded Linux-based device.


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